Winter is coming and due to popular demand, so are our soups!If your body is craving a little tender lovin’, our soups are the way to keep the winter chills at bay. Made fresh daily in our kitchen, our soups are filled with nutritious goodness and are big on taste, making them perfect for lunch. Naturally, we’re all about using local and seasonal produce for all our dishes so expect to see a different soup flavour each day – just keep checking our website to find out the flavour of the day before you head out!


We’re also pleased to introduce a new pulled pork roti. Flavoured with Chinese barbeque sauce, soy and chilli jam and garnished with crunchy carrot, snow peas, spinach and fried shallots, we predict this roti will be a winner in all our stores. Grab it today for only $9.50.

Finally, we all know that cold weather means that you’re more inclined to stay inside and snack more. Well if you’re going to reach for some snacks, they may as well be healthy, right? We’re delighted to introduce bags of Cobs ‘lightly salted, slightly sweet’ popcorn in all our stores. Free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, this product is made with 100% wholegrain corn for a guilt-free snack. Best of all, it’s vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free.