New Nashi Items For August

We have introduced a range of new and exciting additions to the ever-growing Nashi family! Light, healthy and 100% tasty, these new items will get you in the mood for spring, which happens to be right around the corner.

Maple minted orange and chocolate yoghurt pot
If the thought of sinking down a carb-heavy breakfast of greasy bacon and eggs doesn’t appeal to you, then perhaps our new yoghurt product will. We add freshly diced oranges, pepitas and fresh mint in along with dark chocolate chunks as well as a hint of maple. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Lamb roti ($9.50)
We dubbed this our ‘melt in mouth’ lamb roti because it does exactly that thanks to the flaky buttery layers of pastry combined with seasoned lamb that’s been slow roasted until tender. We serve it with sweet chilli sauce, tangy red cabbage, kick ass melted cheese and a handful of fresh spinach leaves for a meal that’s perfect if you’re on the go.

Nashi’s new lamb roti

Roasted Mediterranean herb salad ($9.80)
Inspired by winter Sunday roasts, this hearty salad is both gluten-free and vegan. This salad has it all: oven-roasted pumpkin, spiced carrots, fragrant cauliflower, roasted herb tomato, edamame beans, fresh peas, shaved fennel, olives and parsley. Tie it all together with a lovely beetroot vinaigrette and you have yourself healthy lunch that takes you back to your nonna’s house.

Nashi flatbreads
We’re introducing flatbreads to the Nashi range! The first one off the rank is our freshly sliced ham, avocado, tomato and Japanese mayonnaise flatbread. Served with mixed lettuce on a herbed flatbread, we expect this one to be yet another crowd pleaser. Stay tuned for more flatbread flavours!

Items available now at all our stores, including Jam Factory and Freshwater Place.